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Jan 15, 2013 8:00am PST
, there were able to take bamako. we decided what was at stake was the existence of the state of mali and beyond mali was the stability of all west africa. so it is with determination, but also with reluctance, that we have decided that we had no other choice but to launch this military intervention. again, we conducted as long as it will be necessary. >> the u.s. has backed france. the l.a. times reports the obama administration is preparing to ferry hundreds of additional french troops to mali. in addition, u.s. officials said they're making plans to send drones or other surveillance aircraft. france is also calling on the force of 3300 west african troops to deploy in support of the malian army. the french strikes in mali reportedly have killed 11 civilians including three children fleeing the bombardment of a camp near the central town of konna. the an estimate says as many as 30,000 may have been displaced since fighting began last week. the international committee of the red cross. >> the situation is of concern. mass displacement has already been observed. casualties are report
Jan 16, 2013 2:30pm PST
steps. we will have the state's -- help the state to bring their troops and equipment to bamako. >> this measure can begin without delay as soon as we clear up technical details on the ground. >> chancellor angela merkel, pmeanwhile, met with the president of ivory coast. he is also the current chairman of echoes. they agreed the situation is serious. >> i think we are under great time pressure here. germany views security in the region as part of its own security. terror in northern mali is not just the threat to africa. it is a threat to europe as well. >> merkel realizes that a tough fight lies ahead for mali, and she says germany will consider requests for future support. france, for its part, plans to triple its current troop level. >> a short while ago, we spoke with someone from the german think tank the friedrich ebert foundation. she is in bamako. we asked what the situation was like there. >> the situation is calm, normal. everyday life continues. people go to work. they go shopping. however, there are, of course [indiscernible] after the intervention on, cup. everyone
Jan 26, 2013 6:00am PST
is keeping foreign visitors away. -- it may look like business as usual in bamako. >> we do not see the white people come to help us. >> the people say they are glad to be free of the threat from the radical islamists who ruled north, and they are thankful to the thousands of french soldiers repeling rebel advances. >> we are very, very happy. very happy. >> bamako remains a liberal city. leading clerics have been very vocal in supporting the effort against the radical islamist forces. >> i think these days we have to give a new direction and a new vision to islam across the world -- and is lomb of development, of progress, one that fits the realities of the world. >> but the rebels in northern mali have a very different vision of islam. this man fled to the south after they chop off his hand, punishment for using a mobile phone. men at the market say the radicals in the north are religious fanatics from libya. they say they pray that god will give the soldiers strengths to free the country. >> we go to venezuela now where at least 50 people are reported dead and 90 other in years after -- 90
Jan 13, 2013 11:00pm PST
to die. >> others donated money and fought in the military. government officials in bamako have called this a welcome shift. there is a sense of guarded optimism among people here that the old coalition might once again unite in mali. >> i -- i am very happy with the french intervention. i would like the crisis to come to a end so we can go back home. >> i do not see any other solution, military-wise. how can you negotiate with terrorists to are foreigners occupying our country? it is not possible. the man who led mali into trouble -- he wounded malian alters. >> i am telling the malian people, thank you for support to our national army. we have launched defenses without assistance and are happy to have the french by our side, planning a major role in air support and operations. >> support for the operation is the highest tier -- one of the main streets, french and malian flags side-by-side. the french have been bringing in troops to mali. 100 soldiers arrived here on sunday. they say their forces will stop the rebel advance and pave the way for other soldiers from the west african boc
Jan 29, 2013 6:30pm PST
. >> for more, we go back to andrea, who just returned from bamako. house the situation in the areas where the rebels have been driven out? >> there's many images of cheering crowds. african troops are supposed to be deployed. they're not yet there, so it is still the beginning of operations there. >> where have the islamist fighters have been retreating to? will the french be pursuing them? >> actually, this is the question everybody has right now. the militants are going out toward the mauritania border. also, they are mostly hiding all over the north. there is still a lot to do to clean up no. mali. >> what about those who say they will not allow government forces to return to the areas under their control? >> all told, they are really marginalized. as we have been -- they have been pushed away by islamists, we have not much power to actually defend their stance. >> thank you very much for that. >> on 2 news now of apparent executions in syria. activists say at least 65 men have been found dead in the northern city of aleppo. the bodies were found scattered along a river in a contested
Jan 13, 2013 4:00pm PST
forces now want to weaken the military might of the rebels. here in bamako there has been a huge response to the call by the president for the people of mali to help their weak army. at a medical facility in one of the spushes, people have gather todd donate blood. they are responding to a request from the interim president and religious leaders to support the country's forces whichever way they can. >> we are ready to respond any request from our government. if it calls us to fight, we will respond. we are ready to die. >> they have donated money to the government. there is a sense of guarded optimism among people here that the operation might once again unite mali. >> i left the north after it was taken over. i am very happy with the french intervention. i would like the crisis to come to an end so we can go back home. >> i don't see any other solution than a military one. how can you negotiate with terrorists who have occupied our country? it is not possible. >> and the man who led the c everyone oup last year -- the coupe last year visited people. >> i am telling the people thank you
Jan 16, 2013 5:30am PST
troops 400 kilometers north of bamako. nazanine moshiri is in the capital. where are french troops now exactly? are they in rebel-held territory? >> diabaly is a town which is in the government-controlled area, in the north. the french are surrounding the town, from what we understand, with malian forces. there have been reports that there might of been some engagement on the ground, but we cannot confirm that. we have been trying to get through to people in diabaly, but the phone lines and mobile lines have been cut off, so it is very difficult to get information on the ground. it is interesting that the french had consistently said they would only be striking from them and giving logistical support, but now it seems they are carrying out their first land offensive. the french have 800 troops here on the ground. they have said they will double have said theye will double back to 2000 forces or 2500 altogether. ansar al din is one of the armed groups who have taken over the town of diabaly with sophisticated weapons. they had been fighting in libya on behalf of qaddafi, where they got
Jan 16, 2013 7:00pm PST
theirs in next week. in bamako, we met the young men who say they are willing to join the fight to free northern mali. members of the malian youth league -- they are eager for a fight. >> we rode to the ministry of defence asking for guns and to be taken to the front lines. we have been taken after training -- we are ready to defend our people. >> but with the impending deployment of west african troops and international support, it is unlikely >> the top stories on algeciras this hour. president barack obama has announced his gun control measures -- his proposals include a ban on assault rifles and a limit to high-capacity magazines. he is likely to face strong opposition from congress. federal officials are grounding until's dreamliner addresses -- problems with the lithium batteries are addressed. this comes after a japanese plane had to make an emergency landing. dozens of foreign workers are being held hostage at a gas facility in eastern algeria. two people root killed in the attack -- they say it is revenge for french intervention in neighboring mali. heavy fighting between the f
Jan 17, 2013 5:30am PST
and she saw fledmalian soldiers ias she the city. it is just 400 kilometers north of the capital bamako. it is the first place the french soldiers have begun their ground assault against the rebels. >> french soldiers struggling to control of diabelli's do we know when more african troops are scheduled to arrive to fight alongside the french? >> nigerians are expected here today. 490 of them out of the 600 that nigeria has agreed to contribute to the mission for the military support of mali. there are also 507 soldiers from niger. they just received the consent of their parliament. they are expected to cross the border at any time and come into mali to join the mission. countries such as burkina faso, chad, and ghana participating as well. 2000 troops from chad. thousands of african troops are expected to support the french and malian forces. they are appealing for help particularly from european countries for logistical as well as financial help to support the mission in support of the mali government. >> thank you. al-shabab says it has killed a suspected french spy at the cent
Jan 16, 2013 1:00am PST
that extremists in the north, some of them linked to al qaeda, were marching toward bamako, the capital. they were heading south. and the government in bamako panicked, called france for assistance and france intervened. france also was worried that there is a very large community of people from mali, about 200,000 living in paris, living in france. and france was worried that these malian nationals would be influenced by the extremists back home and carry out attacks. frantz had intelligence an attack may have been in the active planning stages. >> france's reaction to what happened in mali and the u.s. reaction to what france did is fascinating at the outset. it's going to be more fascinating when we see the extent of how much the u.s. decides to be in support. will cow i don't mean back and talk to us more with a big map? >> bring the map. and will you say bullpucky? >> i will say bullpucky, but never accusingly at you. >> maybe. it depends on what i say. >> that's true. richard engel, nbc's chief foreign correspondent. all right. we'll be right back. >>> president obama today chose the license
Jan 22, 2013 5:30pm PST
with the americans there. >> reporter: when we arrived at the main military air field in bamako, we found u.s. transport planes had already started to land, five in all, bringing in more than 100 tons of gear, and soldiers from a military base in france. the fighter planes, the armored vehicles, the helicopters, they are all french. and so are the soldiers-- 2,800 french boots on the ground here in mali. but behind the scenes, this is an international effort. and the war very few saw coming. the u.s. air force role is critical. colonel kevin oliver is one of the operations commanders. >> it's a very dynamic situation. we expect the operations to continue for the next several days. >> reporter: here's what triggered the french assault-- well-armed fighters linked to al qaeda, financed by money from smuggling and kidnap ransoms had been taking over town after town in northern mali since last spring, and imposing their own harsh brand of islamic law. last week, with the extremists only 300 miles from the capital, and malian troops powerless to stop them, the french government launched a series
Jan 24, 2013 5:30pm PST
was the closest the islamic militants got to the capital bamako. but they only stayed for four days before the french government launched its attack. in diabaly, there was never any ground combat. the french simply hit the islamists from the air and destroyed their equipment and ammunition. that was enough to get them on the run. it was welcome news for the boubakar family. we met them on the road with a cart full of household goods. the extremists had marched sinanta away at gun point and tried to pump him for local knowledge. are you worried for your family that the islamists will come back? >> ( translated ): oh, yes. >> reporter: cobbla says she's still having nightmares. though in the end, the fighters did let him go, the whole family has decided to head up the road where they know there will be troops to protect them. these are the malian troops who, along with the french, are occupying the town that just a week ago was the front line. they say the islamist fighters have retreated but they're not taking any chances. and the people are grateful. they say the fighters may have disappea
Jan 28, 2013 6:00am PST
into the playoffs we had a team that could make the run the we just couldn't get it done. him bamako she is an put it together what he put together carry have players there. players that want to go out and work and sacrifice to do it. with the additional add-ons that some of the guys brand and it was just the coaches and players together very we have defined a way to get over the hump. >> that was patrick was talking about coast are bought and what he did when he got to the minors and how bright and this fall. is and a full week and runs spend a full week and new orleans. the niners have never lost a civil they have been and. there is a winning streak we can hopefully, on. kron4 news by the continuing coverage. cartop welcoached harh will be joining us later. in a super bowl ever raised that you would like you can add to our web site kron4 .com as well as our facebook and to mature feeds. >> today we learn the fate of a man accused of fatally shooting seven people at oakland's zero cloys university last year. last month won a goh was ruled incompetent to stand trial. today there will determine whi
Jan 16, 2013 8:00pm PST
have 2000 or 10. it makes no difference. it is no longer in northern mali. it is not only bamako, it is the entire western africa we are going to hit and the united states and britain. a lot is their intent and their goal and bravado. how serious are these groups coming together and their intents from your understandings and the briefings you have received? >> well, very serious. we've been looking at northern africa for some time. i have been there. i sent some folks from my team there back in september. what we found before, remember, they have been making money through ransom for some time, even b even before joining al qaeda. they were the single largest contributor for many years. they are certainly well-organized. i call them all different organized crime groups who have been doing this for years, they are all starting to come together. the movement of jahaad, ansahr dean. this is where jihadists will come because they think they are winning the fight. >> you wrote today, the administration needs to better understand the specific threats poised by aqim and other al qaeda af
Jan 23, 2013 7:00am PST
another two weeks. on the main airfield in the capital bamako, a huge operation is under way. u.s. transport planes are critical. at this stage they are limited in part of the effort, carrying more than a hundred tons of cargo they picked up in france. colonel kevin oliver is one of the commanders. >> primarily what you'll see is a lot of vehicles and then the french troops requirious to support those vehicles and drive them. >> reporter: the french operation is aimed at these fighters, financed by smuggling and kidnapping. over ten months they've conquered town and town. less than 300 miles from the capital, the french launched a series of air strikes, and this one captured by civilians on cell phones. now french ground troops along with malian soldiers are pushing back, reclaim their territory. their aim is to reclaim the towns and force them to retreat completely into mali's northern desert. we're on our way north now into the zone of military operations, but neither france nor the u.s. wants to get involved in an open-ended and what could be a very
Jan 29, 2013 6:00am EST
think that the right end state, first, has to be legitimate government of bamako, the ability for that government to extend its reach into all portions of the country so territorial integrity of mali is nonnegotiable. no discussion of a separatist state or something like that. but it also appears that mali has asked for and will need some help to establish government control in the north. realistically, we would all like to see the elimination of al-qaeda and others from northern mali. realistically, probably the best you can get is containment and disruption so that al-qaeda is no longer able control territory -- no longer able to control territory as they do today, no longer able to control the lives of the population centers particularly in the three main cities of tim buck few, gao -- timbuktu. those have to be freed and restored under malian control. so those are what i would see as the end state, and i think that others in the african union and the u.n. see those end states as well. one last point, we very clearly see this from the u.s. government side that this must, th
Jan 23, 2013 7:00am EST
is from florida. james is a democrat. bamako i would just like to say congress needs to get our act together. i feel if they cannot come together before hand, they need to be fired. because anybody else working on a regular job -- if you can't do your job, they get rid of you. what is wrong with congress? congress is so divided. i don't think the american people put them in office to just sit up there to do nothing. they need to come together and act and stop all of this bickering. that is what it is. work with what you got. but put politics aside and made the decisions for the american people. i mean, it is going on and on and on and we have to just go -- fellow democrats and republicans -- work together. get the job done and get it just -- get it done for what we elected. not with politics. guest: i agree. every two years in congress, the house of representatives, the voters do get to decide whether there representative is retained. that is what i believe. my voters hired me to do a job in congressional district 4, and i am there to represent their interests, not any other special
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)